– The jury consists of prominent musicians.
– A jury member who is a teacher of a participant has no vote in discussions concerning this participant during the preliminary round.
– The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes, as well as to divide the prizes between participants (except for the first prize).
– The jury has the right to stop the performance of a participant, if the program is exceeding the time limits.
– Decisions of the jury are final and not subject to revision.
– Voting procedure:
– After the first round, each jury member has to name 12 participants from each age group, who they want to see in the second round. Participants who received the majority of votes are admitted to the second round. In case of a tie, the points (from 1 to 50), which jury members will additionally assign to their 12 selected participants, will be taken into account.
– The list of the participants admitted to the second round will be signed by all jury members and published on the official website of the competition. The number of points for each participant admitted to the second round remains confidential until the second round is finished.
– After the second round, all jury members will evaluate the participants on a 50-point scale. In order to make a final decision on the prizewinners, jury members will consider the performances in both rounds of the competition. In case of a tie, points assigned in both rounds will be taken into account.
– In case of a tie, the vote of the head of the jury is decisive.