senior group

I Round (video pre-selection)

I. Any etude or caprice
II. 1st movement of one of the following W. A. Mozart sonatas:
– Sonata G-dur No. 18, K. 301/293a
– Sonata Es-dur No. 19, K. 302/293b
– Sonata D-dur No. 23, K. 306/300l
– Sonata F-dur No. 24, K. 376/374d
– Sonata F-dur No. 25 in F major, K. 377/374e
– Sonata Es-dur No. 28, K. 380/374f

II Round
(up to 40 minutes)

I. J. S. Bach – two varied movements from one of the sonatas or partitas for violin solo, BWV 1001–1006.
II. Virtuoso piece.
III. 1st movement of a 19th-21st century concerto.